Install guide for Android

How to install Smart Donations using Google Play?

Currently, the OxChain App is only available to users that have complete our consent form. The app is distributed via Google Play as part of a testing program that you'll have to join. This allows you to securely and conveniently install the app without changing your phone configuration and ensures your app is always up-to-date.

Join the testing program

Joining the testing program is very easy. Just visit this link on your mobile phone or browser. Sometimes, Google Play will ask you to log in to your account, in order to confirm your identity. The screenshot below guides you through the registration using your mobile phone. 

Click on become a tester (screenshot left) to get enrolled in the OxChain Pilot Team. You will see a confirmation (left screenshot). Once you are on the confirmation screen please tap on download it on Google Play. This will bring you straight to the app listing on Google Play that should now be visible to you. You can install the OxChain Smart Donations app as any other app.

App not available error

If you see an error as in the image below, please get in touch with us. This error occurs if your email address that you used to register with us is not the same as the email address you use on Google Play. The best solution is to send us a quick email at with the email address you are using on Google Play. Once we added your correct email address you should be able to join the program and download our app.

If you are unsure what email address is linked to Google Play on your phone, you can check the active account by tapping on the menu icon in Google Play (2nd image from left). The active account is listed on the top left (3rd image from left).

In the case you are using two or more accounts on your device, please double check that Google Play is using the correct account. Just follow the simple steps above and check which account is currently active. You can also see all available accounts and switch between them.