About the app

What does the Smart Donation app let you do?

Make contracts that control donations:

Using the app you can make ‘contracts’ to give a limited amount of money during a set period of time. For example, you can set up a contract that allocates an amount between now and Christmas. Your contract can be a one-off amount, or frequent small amounts.

Choose specific causes:

You set up the contracts to give amounts to to specific causes. For example, you can set up a contract that allocates an amount to support disaster preparedness.

Set conditions:

You can set up the conditions of a contract which triggers a donation. These can be related to local and world events, using information from news, social media or pre-authorised sources that you trust. For example, you can set up a contract that allocates an amount to support disaster preparedness every time a major cyclone makes landfall, or a contract that allocates an amount to fight climate change whenever you drive your car rather than taking the bus to work. The information that Smart Donations can use to work out the conditions you set could come from you, from news or social media or from official, authorised sources that you trust.

Keep track of your donating:

When you set up the contract you indicate the maximum amount you want to put aside for that contract and those funds are held in a secure digital vault. A ‘digital notary’ automatically releases some of the funds when the conditions you set up in the contract are met, for example, every time a major cyclone makes landfall during February; and let’s you know when it makes a donation.

Adjust your donating:

If your contract expired before all your funds were released then any remaining funds are returned to you when the contract ends, and you can pledge them to another cause; for instance if there were not any damaging cyclones during the contract, you can pledge the funds to something else.

More about Trailblazing the Smart Donations App

After Trailblazers have filled in an online form that gives us their consent to be in the study, and tells us about their experiences of giving to charities and technology use, we send them a link. The link enables Trailblazers to download and install the Smart Donations app to their phone. Although Smart Donations is simple to use, we have created several videos and explanations to help, and we are available to guide if anyone gets stuck.

Trailblazers will start using the Smart Donations app between 2 and 5 October, first of all exploring its features and uploading $10.00 credit that we give them. For the following weeks they are free to use the app however they like. If they spend the first $10 credit within app before the pilot ends then we will upload another $10 credit. If they don’t spend all of this credit before the end of the pilot, we will give them the choice to donate any remaining funds, or redeem them as a shopping voucher.

Trailblazers will also complete a second questionnaire, after the pilot,that asks about their experiences of the Smart Donations app. Any feedback is incredibly valuable to us.

Finally, a wide range of about 20 - 30 Trailblazers will also get the chance to tell us about their experiences over the phone or online in an interview, scheduled and at a time that works for them.