All about our Smart Donations trial
with Oxfam Austraila.

Keeping Families Together

In a series of blogs, we’re going to explain the details of each different 'Smart Donation' you can sign up for through the Smart Donations app over the duration of the pilot.

In a series of blogs, we’re going to explain the details of each different ‘Smart Donation’ you can sign up for through the Smart Donations app. There are five themes in total, based on a range of different conditions and data sources, and which can be used to donate to a number of different Oxfam Australia projects. In each post, we’ll explain the causes, conditions and data involved, and give some examples of how the Smart Donation might play out.

Topic and Project

This contract is about being able to do more than just sign a petition to get behind a campaign. With this Smart Donation, the more other people support a campaign, the more you can give to help build a movement. In this way, you give more to campaigns that have wider support, and potentially a greater chance of success.

Beneficiary: Keep Families Together

Donations from this contract will fund the Keep Families Together campaign. This campaign, led by Oxfam Australia which calls on the Australian government to create a further 10,000 places for family reunions. Currently, we have an unfair system that makes refugee families wait for far too long to be reunited. Sometimes they are separated for years. Sometimes they never see their mothers, fathers, brothers or sisters again. Our Government expects these Australians to pay as much as $47,000 to reunite with one family member. Even if they can raise that kind of money — and many cannot — the waiting period is up to 30 years.

As part of this activist work, Oxfam Australia is hoping to reach 10,000 signatures on a petition to keep #familiestogether.

Conditions: What can we use to trigger a donation?

The central condition in this contract is simply how many people sign Oxfam’s petition to Keep Families Together. At the time of writing, 7,597 people have signed this petition. Oxfam is aiming to reach 10,000 signatures on this petition, in order to apply pressure to the Australian Government. You can choose to give a small amount for every 100 signatures. Or, you may choose to give a larger amount, if Oxfam’s goal of 10,000 signatures is reached during the Smart Donations pilot.

What data do we trust to validate these conditions?

As an Oxfam Australia petition, the data is provided directly from Oxfam, however, this happens independently of the OxChain project. We simply monitor the number of signatures displayed on this Webpage.

Since the conditions for this contract are quite simple, there is no contract builder for this contract, but different levels of plans you can choose from.

Example Contracts

Sue feels strongly about keeping families together and pledges to give $0.50 for every 100 signatures the petition receives (maximum $2).

At the end of the day, Sue feels people need their families and wants to keep track of how the #FamiliesTogether petition is doing. By giving a little every time there are 100 signatures, she feels connected to the campaign, and people like her who want to do more to support.

Ahmed pledges to give $5 if the Keep Families Together campaign reaches a milestone of 10,000 signatures

Ahmed wants to see the Keep Families Together Campaign make a real difference, and be more than just another petition. By pledging to make a donation once the petition reaches its first goal, he can support Oxfam when the hard work begins in lobbying and holding the Australian Government to account on Family Reunions.