All about our Smart Donations trial
with Oxfam Austraila.
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Fight Climate Change

In a series of blogs, we’re going to explain the details of each different 'Smart Donation' you can sign up for through the Smart Donations app over the duration of the pilot.

This contract is about fighting climate change when we see temperatures rise across Australia. Australia's climate has warmed since 1910, consistent with the warming of its surrounding oceans. Using this contract, you can donate to support Oxfam’s fight against climate change whenever high temperatures are recorded in Australian cities.

What is this Smart Donation about?

This contract is about protecting the Pacific Islands and helping them prepare for tropical cyclones. Some cyclones remain out in the ocean, and are low risk, but others can be devastating. We can monitor different kinds of cyclone events, from their formation to endangering populations in specific regions, and on this basis, you can pledge your support.

Beneficiary: Oxfam Climate Change

Oxfam Australia are campaigning for the Australian Government to urgently increase its contribution to international climate action, in line with keeping the global temperature rise to within 1.5˚C, beyond which many countries have said they will face unmanageable suffering and devastation. Australia’s contribution should include:
  • A commitment to reduce Australia’s domestic emissions by at least 45% below 2000 levels by 2025 and at least 65% by 2030;
  • A commitment to achieve zero emissions well before mid century, including developing a concrete plan to phase-out coal from Australia’s energy supply;
  • Substantial support towards climate change adaptation and low-carbon development in poorer countries, beginning with a strategy for scaling up current contributions to reach a fair share of the international goal to provide $100bn a year by 2020
Oxfam also partners with communities, supporting their calls for stronger action, and their determined efforts to deal with the impacts of climate change. Donations to this contract will support Oxfam’s Climate Change projects: Climate Change

What can we use to trigger a donation?

Australia’s climate is changing, with new temperature records broken every year. In this contract we monitor the daily temperature in some Australian cities, and can trigger donations based on these high temperatures. To keep this contract simple during the pilot, we are focusing on three cities: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane We can set a donation to occur whenever a specific temperature is reached. In this case, we’ve chosen to represent hot days by setting this threshold at 5°C above the average temperature for the time of year. So, for example, you can set up a donation to give for every day that the temperature in Melbourne exceeds [28°C] or if the temperature exceeds Melbourne exceeds [32°C] in Brisbane. You can also give a set amount if the 2018 temperature record for November in Sydney (38.9°C) is broken.

What data do we use?

We draw the data for this contract from a data aggregating service that is based on data from the Bureau of Meteorology (Bureau of Meteorology ). The Bureau of Meteorology is Australia's national weather, climate and water agency. The current temperature for the cities is monitored in real-time (in intervals of 15 mins). A smart donation will be validated as soon as the set temperature threshold for a particular city was exceeded.