All about our Smart Donations trial
with Oxfam Austraila.

A welcome from the OxChain Team!

Together with Oxfam, the OxChain research initiative is investigating the opportunities of blockchain technology in the non-profit and international development sector.

Hi, welcome to the OxChain research project! We are a UK-based academic project, working in partnership with Oxfam Australia. In 2016 the OxChain project has been set-off to investigate the opportunities of in the non-profit and international development sector. In this blog post we would like to introduce some of our researchers behind the smart donations pilot, that will start in October 2019.

Nic Bidwell is the newest recent addition to the OxChain team. Nic is an Australian expert in Human Computer Interaction (HCI), who cares about designing technologies that can make a difference. For over a decade she has led projects that have focused on rural areas of Namibia, South Africa, Mozambique, Kenya, Uganda, Indonesia, Argentina, Mexico and India. She is excited to learn about how trail blazers in the OxChain project use the Blockchain technology to create links between their lives and the issues they care about.

Chris Elsden (3rd from left) is a post-doctoral researcher in Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. His research focusses on how people interact with different kinds of data in their day to day lives. On OxChain, Chris has lead on the conceptualisation of the Smart Donation app, and research into how data-driven financial technologies can create new relations between donors, charities and the causes they support.

Josh Hallwright (2nd from left) is Oxfam Australia’s Humanitarian Lead and has worked in humanitarian sector for a decade. Josh has worked in both conflict and disaster responses throughout Asia, Africa and the Pacific. He holds a Master in International Development, is currently completing a PhD in humanitarian financing and is a sessional lecturer at RMIT and Monash University. Josh is working on a number of pilots exploring blockchain technology in the humanitarian and development sector and is excited to see its potential to help people in need. He’s very much looking forward to seeing your engagement in this fun pilot, using blockchain and smart contracting technology to open up different ways of supporting our work.

Ludwig Trotter (1st from left) is a research associate and doctoral researcher in the School of Computing and the Data Science Institute at Lancaster University. With a background in Computer Science and Human-Computer Interactions, his research explores the risk and opportunities of novel technologies such as the Internet of Things and Distributed Ledger Technologies, aiming to deliver next generation digital services for the charity sector. On the OxChain project, Ludwig is leading the design and implementation of the Smart Donation app, including the UX as well as the technical development.

Find out more about us and our research here:
Lancaster University
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We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Chris, Ludwig and Nic