Together we can shape the future of giving.

OxChain is a research project that explores the future of giving with Blockchain technology. We offer entirely new ways to give to the causes you care about through our new app, and you could be a part of our first pilot in October 2019.

How would it feel if you could...

Spread your donations
across different issues that matter to you, in a way that you control.
Automatically release your donations
exactly when it is needed.
Connect with the world around you
and make a difference to the issues you care about most.
Donate safely, conveniently
without fees and know exactly when your donation was received
Giving on your own terms

We have partnered with Oxfam Australia to explore a new way for you to give to charity. Blockchain technology promises to change the way we share and contribute to the things we value. By using this technology, you can use the Smart Donations app to give to the issues you care about the most, set the conditions yourself, and track your donations. By being part of this research project you can help us understand and share the future of these technologies for international development.

Simply set up Smart Donations

With Smart Donations, you can make ‘contracts’ to give a limited amount to specific causes based on real-world events. For example, you can give to combat climate change whenever there are extreme weather events; or support disaster preparedness every time a major cyclone makes landfall. Once you have ‘signed’ a Smart Donation, you’ll find out whenever a donation is made on your behalf and why. Any remaining funds are returned to you when the contract ends, which you can pledge to another cause.

Help us pilot the Smart Donations app

You can become one of the first to try the Smart Donations app for free in October 2019. Once you join our group of trail blazers and have downloaded the app we will credit some funds to your Smart Donations account and for the next month you can spend this credit on campaigns within the app in any way you want. It’s completely free for you to participate, but any credit that you spend in the app will be donated to the Oxfam Australia projects as real funds.

Frequently asked questions

About the technology
Participating in the Smart Donations research